Gas Purifiers for the Semiconductor, LED, Display, Fiber Optic, and Solar Industries.
SAES Pure Gas specializes in Ultra High Purity Gas Purification  more »


Purifier Selection

Will help guide you through the selection of a purifier that will suit your application and purity requirements. 

New CO2 Gas Purifiers

SAES Pure Gas offers 3 different purification technologies for turning Beverage Grade CO2 into Immersion or EUV Lithography quality CO2, with part-per-trillion (ppt) impurity removal.

Impurities removed:
H2O, Acids, Bases, Organics... »
H2O, O2, Acids, Bases, Organics... »
H2O, O2, Acids, Bases, Organics, CH4... »

SAES Pure Gas is now part of Entegris

Material purity plays an increasingly critical role in semiconductor manufacturing as shrinking geometries and multi-layered designs are significantly increasing gas consumption per processed wafer.

With this acquisition, we can offer you an expanded gas purification technology portfolio along with some of the world's best micro-contamination control solutions, helping to solve your most complex process challenges.